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Hi there,

I am finally writing the testimonial I have been meaning to for over a year :)  

I absolutely love the Cream of the Crop Hand and Body Cream.  



I work in a field where you wash your hands multiple times a day 

and have found that if I use the lotion in the morning 

and again in the evening that's all I need.  

Everyone I work with is using the store lotions after washing their hands every time.  




I also love the Best Foot Forward.  Its great. 




I use it every night before bed and it has softened callouses that I have had for years.  

I have always had trouble with the skin on my toes peeling 

and have finally found the cure.

Thanks for your wonderful products



Whitehall, MT





 I just wanted to comment that the Cowboy Soap

that I bought, is the best soap that I've ever used.



I have very sensitive skin and most if not all soaps break me out,

but this soap doesn't and gets me really clean.

You can feel the cleanliness on your body.

I would suggest buying the soap.

Thanks a lot.

Steve S. - Whitehall, MT.






When you told me that Cream of the Crop Hand & Body Cream was 

great for chapped lips, I thought, maybe, someday, donít really need it now.  

For the past couple weeks, I needed it!!  I got a really bad case of chapped lips 

while skiing and they wouldnít heal.  I tried everything else in my purse and 

bathroom cabinet and nothing really helped.  Montana winter is so hard on lips 

and once they get into bad shape, itís tough to get them to stop peeling. 

 My Cream of the Crop Wild Lemongrass did the trick and they felt 

so much better in just one day.  Thanks!!  I would never have thought

 to try it if you hadnít mentioned it.  Please feel free to use this 

for your testimonials page.  

Debra M.  


I wear sandals a lot during the summer.  

However, my feet would dry out and crack 

to the point I had a hard time walking.  

After trying out several products with limited results, 

I tried Best Foot Forward.  

It didn't take long to heal up my feet.


John C. 

Whitehall, MT




I love the Cowgirl Hand Cream.



It healed my hands in just one week!

And that's true!


Maren K.

Willow Creek, MT.




The Bug Off! is excellent -



I was being completely eaten alive-

Once the Bug Off! happened -

no bites!


Chris N.

Gallatin Gateway, MT



I've been using several of  Wild Prairie Farms products for almost a year now.

Having the desire to get away from harmful chemicals in my skin care products,

I truly appreciate the integrity that goes into each Wild Prairie Farms product.

The right ingredients for each application are researched diligently and effectively.

And everything from lotions to lip balm to bar soaps 

has a variety of pleasant aromas.

Thank You, Wild Prairie Farms for your all-natural, back to nature, 

feel-good-about-what-you-put-on-your-skin products.


Laurie S.

Whitehall. MT.






Just wanted to give my testimonial about your soaps...

I received the Gardener's Delight Soap as a present from my sister,



and let me tell you how great this product is.

I use it in the shower, and it is an excellent exfoliant!

I have tried many products to achieve the result I got with just one of your bars of soap.

I will be a loyal customer!!

I also received one of your soy candles and they smell YUMMY!

I can't believe how long they last!

Thanks again for your great products!

Tabatha S.

Kalispell, MT





Hi, Wild Prairie Farms!  

We are so glad to finally see you on the internet! 



Now we have a quick and pain-free way of ordering your wonderful products!   

Wild Prairie Farms, YOU ROCK!

Niki R. - Thousand Oaks, CA.






Hi Wild Prairie Farms,
I would like to tell you that I have been using your Wild Calendula Soaps since June 2006

and have found that they have helped clear up the summer heat rashes I get around my ankles. 



I especially like the rich lather and soft fragrance.   

Unlike store bought soaps, I at least know the soaps you make 

are all made with natural ingredients and with love.  

Thanks so much for making such a wonderful product 

and I hope that they will be around for a very long time!

Nicki D. - Oconto, Nebraska





Since I first got my first Wild Prairie Farms product,

I've been extremely satisfied with everything I have!

I love the Wild Peppermint Kiss Quencher Lip Balm - it's amazing for chapped lips!



I also enjoy the Vanilla Cookie and Wild Orange Hand and Body Lotion.  It smells edible!  

The lotion is also very moisturizing and smoothing - especially on hands!


Alissa R.  - Thousand Oaks, California





If you love our products, please let us know.

We would love to publish your testimonials on our website. 


To email us, Contact us here.




My family has tested, used and enjoyed each one of these products. 

My prayer is that they work as well for you and your family.







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