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Welcome to Our Store


Our company is a home based, family business.

 We handcraft all of our products in our own 

country kitchen in Montana, USA.


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Back in 2005, I began making soaps, creams and lotions for my family with their health needs in mind, 
mainly eczema and dry, itchy, cracked skin.

They worked so well, friends told me I should start 

selling it. We expanded to our local farmer's market 

here in Montana and they were a great success. 


My family has tested, used and enjoyed each one 

of these products. My prayer is that they work 

as well for you and your family.


So pull up a chair, relax and enjoy the view and 
welcome to Wild Prairie Farms!




If you have a question

about any of our 

products, please 

send us an email.


If you love our products, 

please let us know.  

We would love to publish

 your testimonials  

on our website. 




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Handcrafted Soaps

All Natural Hand, Face & Body Soap

All Natural Soaps with rich, creamy

lather. Never drying to your skin.

With Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa

Butter and Essential Oils.

Scrubby Soap Bags

Burlap Scrub Bag

Want some extra scrubbing action

in your shower?  Try one of our

Scrubby Soap Bags. 


Cream of the Crop

All Natural Hand & Body Cream

With Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter,

 Calendula and Comfrey Root. Rich 

and creamy. Great for eczema & 

dry cracked hands and skin.

Best Foot Forward

All Natural Foot Balm

Like our Cream, but with added

Beeswax, Peppermint, Tea Tree

and Lavender Essential Oils. Great 

for cracked, dry heels & feet. 

Prairie Oasis

All Natural Hand & Body Lotion

With Shea Butter, Aloe Vera infused with

Calendula and Comfrey. A lighter 

version of our cream. Great for 

dry, thirsty skin.


Feast Your Eyes

Nourishing Eye Cream

A feast for your eyes! Rich and creamy 

to pamper the delicate skin around your

 eyes.  With Argan & Pomegranate Oil 

plus 10 Essential Oils to help fight 

against wrinkles.


Kiss My Lips

Gentle Lip Scrub

Our all natural lip scrub gently exfoliates your lips leaving them soft and luscious. 

Tastes great and leaves you lips smooth, conditioned, and ready to be kissed! 


Kiss Quencher

Natural Lip Balm

Try our lip balm the next time your kisser

 is dry and cracked and needs quenching.

Better yet, use it to prevent dry cracked

 lips. Makes a great lip gloss, too! 

Sweet Treat

Natural Sugar Scrub

Brown Sugar mixed with Shea Butter 

and Grapeseed  Oil. Gently exfoliates

your skin leaving you silky smooth.


Rise and Shine

Natural Salt Scrub

Sea Salt mixed with Shea Butter and

 Grapeseed Oil. A vigorous exfoliator that

 leaves your skin renewed and radiant.

Stress Relief

Massage & Bath Oil

Delightful oils infused with therapeutic,

 fragrant essential oils. Can be used for 

deep massage or poured directly 

into your bath.

Garden Escape

Soothing Bath Salts

Think solitude, think indulgent, 

think heavenly, think Garden Escape.

Full of the best ingredients under 

the sun, all in one product!

Mountain Man

Nourishing Beard Oil

Our lightweight, non-greasy formula

nourishes your hair, leaving it feel soft and smooth.  Smells great , too! 

All Washed Up

Natural Hand Sanitizer

Our gentle and natural hand sanitizer 

leaves you feeling "all washed up" 

when you can't get to soap and water.

Bug Off!

All Natural Insect Repellent

A DEET free alternative that

 discourages mosquitoes and other 

biting insects from landing on you. 

A natural blend of 14 Essential Oils. 

Chill Out!

Cooling Sunburn Relief

Our Sunburn Relief Spray helps relieves sun burned skin naturally with Aloe Vera, Lavender and Tea Tree Essential Oils and 

leaves your skin feeling cool with Peppermint Essential Oil. 


Better Body Butter

All Natural Body Butter

Smooth and creamy Shea Butter blended

 with Cocoa Butter and Beeswax. Great for

 locking in moisture on hands or feet.

Have a Heart

Solid Lotion Bars

Rich and creamy with Apricot Oil, 

Cocoa Butter, Beeswax & 

Pomegranate Oil, plus Rose Petals 

and pure essential oils.  

Handcrafted Boot Warmers

Handcrafted & Crocheted

Crocheted on those long winter days 

and nights when there's nothing to do

but sit at home by a fire, where its warm. They come in an array of colors.

Cottage Garden Sachets

All Natural Flower Sachets

Come into the garden and refresh your

 soul. Pretty sachets to add fragrance to

 your closet, drawers, car, or office. 


Heaven's Scent

Essential Oils

All natural essential oils extracted from flowers and herbs, known not only for aromatherapy, but may also help aid in natural healing.


Puppies Available Next Spring!

Australian Shepard / Border Collie Puppies

Our dogs are part of the family!  Tessa's

 a great mama and she has adorable pups!

Imported from Ethiopia & Kenya


Sacred Incense

Frankincense Resin

We traveled to Ethiopia and braved the

 Merkato looking for this precious resin.

 Imported directly from Ethiopia.

Imported Gifts


Clothes, Scarves, Baskets & more ...

We traveled to Ethiopia and Kenya,  

and went thru several of the markets to 

find these one of a kind gifts.



Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces

We traveled to Ethiopia and Kenya,  

and went thru several of the markets to 

find these one of a kind pieces. 




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