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Photo by Joanne Coyle


The Attic



Find One of a Kind Treasures


We've got TOO MUCH STUFF to list here now ...

So please find our attic sales here:


Then check out my photo albums and look for  "Moving Sale" ....

Thank you!!



We're cleaning out the attic and finding all kinds of treasures that we haven't seen or used in years.   As we prepare our family to go to Ethiopia to serve, we realize that we have way too much stuff, and we can't take it with us. Think of it as a donation to a good cause, plus you get some cool stuff!  All proceeds from our sales in the Attic go towards our Missions Fundraiser. 


If you have any questions, please email us.  Just about everything here has been used, even if only slightly ... some more than others.  There may be a few dings or a little dust, but we won't sell you our junk.  We have priced them as best we could.  If you see something you really want, but the price seems a bit high, please Contact us and make us an offer.  We can recalculate shipping based on cheaper rates for you if possible.  

We will continue to add new items as we find them, so be sure to check back.  Thanks for looking.  We hope you enjoy your visit.



Welcome to The Attic




House Wares

Decorations, Pictures, Baskets and Stuff




Kitchen Stuff

Pans, Dishes, Utensils, Small Appliances and More



Fragrance Oil & Essential Oil Sell Out

New and Slightly Used Fragrance & Essential Oils

We are closing out most of our Fragrance Oils.  

For sale in 1, 2, 4,  oz bottles.





From A to Z.


I have a bazillion books for sale out on my

Facebook page.  Take a look at my 

Photo Albums then just shoot me a message. 





Videos & DVD's





Baby, Kids, Teens, Moms & Dads






From A to Z















Computer Stuff  

Programs & Games




Toys & Games  











Let's go Home




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