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Our Wild Prairie Farms Store is currently CLOSED.

We have been living in Ethiopia as missionaries for the last 3 years.  

But we are BACK in the states and 

hope to be back up and running soon!


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Cottage Garden

Flower Sachets



Come into the garden and refresh your soul.

There's nothing like a walk through 

a cottage garden first thing in the morning.

The flowers are in full bloom 

and their fragrances are rich.




My daughter, Anna,

took lavender buds and rose petals and 

put them in 4"x 6" organza drawstring bags.  


Then she tied them and sewed pretty buttons on them.

Use them in your drawers, in your closet, hang one in your car, 

use them anywhere where you want a little fragrance of flowers.


The color of organza bags may vary.  If you have a particular preference, 

please write a note in the Special Instructions section 

of your cart and we will try to accommodate you.




100% Natural Ingredients:


Lavender Buds or Rose Petals 

in a pretty organza bag.




4" x 6" sachet - $5.00



for external use only



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Please Note:

Product availability will change as we make new batches and sell out on others. 

Our products are made using the old fashioned way, from scratch. 


We process everyone's order on a first come basis.

If we should run out of something after you've placed your order, 

we can either replace it with something else, or refund your money.  

Please let us know what you prefer in the "special instructions" section at checkout.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.


Wild Lavender - Cottage Garden 

This is our most popular fragrance.  Ahhh... lavender.  I love it.  This is real lavender from the lavender gardens of the Puget Sound, Washington area.   It's fresh, clean, sweet, deep, earthy and woody.  Lavender is so good for you.  See our ingredients page to read all of the wonderful qualities of lavender.  We use it in all of products and it is consistently our best seller.







100% Natural Ingredients:

Lavender Buds




Wild Lavender Flower Sachet

   4" x 6" sachet - $5.00  -  4 in stock 

(as of 12/30/13)  

Wild Prairie Rose - Cottage Garden 

This is another one of our best selling fragrances.   Dried rose petals smell wonderful!  They beautifully retain their original fragrance with an added deep woody smell.       Mmmmmm, love it!








100% Natural Ingredients:

Rose Petals





Wild Prairie Rose Flower Sachet

   4" x 6" sachet - $5.00  - 8 in stock

(as of 12/30/13)



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