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Handcrafted Leg Warmers

Handcrafted Crochet 







Made from Hometown USA 100% Acrylic Yarn




1 Pair Leg Warmers - $15.00






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Product availability will change as we make new batches

and sell out on others.  Our products are made using the 

old fashioned way, from scratch. 


We process everyone's order on a first come basis.

If we should run out of something after you've placed your 

order, we can either replace it with something else, or refund 

your money.  Please let us know what you prefer in the

  "special instructions" section at checkout.


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Handcrafted Leg Warmers 

Crocheted on those long winter days and nights when there's nothing to do but sit at home by a fire, where its warm.  I made a pair for myself and it was so relaxing I just kept making them.  Decided to add them to my handcrafted collection.  If you'd like a pair, just pick out the color you'd like.  If we don't have the color you like feel free to ask!  I can make it custom for you.


Made from Hometown USA 100% Acrylic Yarn

Handcrafted Leg Warmers

      1 Pair Burgundy  - 2 in Stock

     1 Pair Charcoal  - 1 in Stock

     1 Pair Aspen Tweed - 4 in Stock

     1 Pair Black & White - 1 in Stock

     1 Pair Navy Blue - 2 in Stock

     1 Pair Granite - 2 in Stock



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